About Creative Cacao

Creative Rural Empowerment and Thinking Innovative Villages and Ecosystems through Cacao

CREATIVE CACAO has been implemented by 7 different organizations from 5 countries (Germany, Italy, Colombia, Brazil and Bolivia) starting on December 2017 over the course of 18 months.

Creative Cacao responds to the challenge of rising levels of unemployment in the rural area and the general migration trend from rural areas to urban ones through the promotion of a sustainable, smart, and inclusive growth. The strong connection between economic competitiveness, agriculture and quality of life is the base of our thinking.

Through cocoa we reached farmers and families with particular focus on young people, providing opportunities for knowledge exchange and promoting the take-up of practical entrepreneurial experiences in education, training and youth work, young people’s social inclusion and well-being.

What we are doing?

– Providing youth with know-how, technical cooperation, innovation and specialized
knowledge on Cacao

– Conceiving and promote sustainable rural communities, inducing economic development by taking advantage of their own assets.


We realized 4 international trainings in 4 countries during 18 months more than 30 young people coming from Italy, Germany, France, Austria, Colombia, Bolivia and Brazil.

Our Partners

Starkmacher e.V. is a non-profit, civil society organisation mainly active at grassroots level. The overall mission is to strengthen and empower citizens, particularly young people and children to react positively to current societal challenges. Main areas of activities are youth work, non-formal education and intercultural learning within diverse social and ethnic settings as well as violence prevention and promotion of fundamental rights, citizenship and equality.

Umami Area is a cultural association that gathers experts and lovers of food and beverage sensory. Umami is a portal of taste and senses aiming at spreading cultural education on tasting.

IILA is an International and Intergovernmental body, Permanent Observer at the General Assembly of the United Nations. Its members include Italy and twenty Latin American Republics. IILA operates with the goal of intensifying collaboration between Italy and Latin America through multiple activities.

IPSAR: The Institute of Food, Wine and Hospitality “Carlo Porta” is a secondary school, which offers 5-year diploma courses for more than 1400 students in Reception, Bar Tender, Sommelier, Cuisine and Pastry Chef. Besides all curricular topics, they developed specific educational programs on Coffee and Cocoa, favouring the increasing demands of students and coffee enthusiasts for a professional education in the field.

Fundacion Unisol was established in Bolivia in 2006. UNISOL’s mission is to promote integral human development of underprivileged groups at different levels through the promotion and development of social, cultural and economic projects.

Fazenda da Esperanca is a therapeutic community with over 30 years of experience in the recovery of young drug addicts founded in 1979 and started in 1983 the community “Fazenda da Esperança” helped thousands of families and is currently present in 15 countries in different continents. Its activity is based on three pillars: family life, work seen as a pedagogical process and the exploration of spiritual life.

SENA: Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje is a public institution under the Colombian Ministry of Labor, responsible of providing comprehensive free vocational training to colombians, enabling their reintegration into productive activities

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